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 Pokemon Battle w/ Stuff *funny*

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King of Monster Hunter Domain

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PostSubject: Pokemon Battle w/ Stuff *funny*   January 1st 2012, 6:16 pm

Battle between WhoisDat and Aye started!

Tier: All
Mode: Singles
Rule: Unrated

WhoisDat sent out Charizard!
Aye sent out Emboar!
Aye: lol
WhoisDat: lol

Start of turn 1
WhoisDat's Charizard used Earthquake!
It's super effective!
Emboar lost 164 HP! (43% of its health)

Emboar used Flare Blitz!
It's not very effective...
WhoisDat's Charizard lost 28% of its health!
Emboar is hit with recoil!

Start of turn 2
WhoisDat's Charizard used Air Cutter!
It's super effective!
Emboar lost 187 HP! (49% of its health)
Emboar fainted!

Aye sent out Escavalier!

Start of turn 3
WhoisDat's Charizard used Flamethrower!
It's super effective!
Escavalier lost 317 HP! (100% of its health)
Escavalier fainted!

Aye: wth
Aye: what is that thing
Aye: lol
WhoisDat: steel
Aye sent out Thundurus!

WhoisDat: XD
WhoisDat: omg

Start of turn 4
Thundurus used Thunder!
It's super effective!
Aye: lol
WhoisDat's Charizard lost 71% of its health!
WhoisDat's Charizard fainted!

Aye won the battle!
Aye: I won! :3
WhoisDat: ...>.>
WhoisDat: XD
WhoisDat: flying and thunder
Aye: that was awesome xD and yeah i like my thundurus xD
WhoisDat: owned my whole counter move
Aye: lol


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Pokemon Battle w/ Stuff *funny*
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