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 The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Mini Review

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PostSubject: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Mini Review   December 31st 2011, 7:07 pm

If you were here last month or the month before,you would've known that i spoiled myself greatly by watching walkthroughs of the game on Youtube but,that didn't stop me from getting it and playing it for myself,i had to experience it for myself. prepare yourself,because this is a long read,However i'll just skim over a few things about the game and later on this week i'll rate it.

The Beginning

I was excited still,even though i was spoiled,i wanted to know exactly how it felt to swing link's sword with wii motion plus,when it first started i did everything as quickly as i can and went to the woods in a bout an hours time.

Skyview Temple

This temple was probably the most horrible,um,i spent a total of two hours trying to find a switch,but,i found it and made my way to ghirahim,30 + tries to beat him,went back to the sky and bought a new shield and defeated him.

Earth Temple
This is where my brother stepped in,even though he was playing,i kept a close eye on him,just to see what happens next,this temple was pretty easy,getting passed it within an hour,the boss battle was kind of hard to watch because my brother didn't know what to do,i was cringing. Then i was like ''Dude...throw a bomb in it's mouth'' did that over and over then it died.

Mining Facility

When i walked in there,i was determined to beat the place but then i got lazy,this was my first encounter with a staldra,i think...i didn't know what to do with them but in the end i was victorious by killing it and breaking my sacred shield while doing that. :c

My brother took over from there and went to the boss battle,it was great and took him 15 minutes to beat.

Ancient Cistern

This temple was one of the weirdest but coolest temples,I mean its a giant toilet...nuffsaid.
The Boss battle...well heh,find out for yourself it's epic.

Pretty Hard/Cool and easy all at the same time,finished it in an hour and a half.
Boss was easy too,find out for yourself.

Fire Sanctuary
You know those half an hour temples? well that'd be this one,easy as pie.
Ghirahim got really easy heh.

The Silent Realms

While each silent realm was really eerie and creepy,it didn't stop me from passing them.

Faron Silent Realm - relatively easy,got caught once.

Lanayru Silent Realm - Easy like the first,got caught on purpose.

Din Silent Realm - Should i say it? this silent realm was the most fun,i'm telling ya,i get excited when the guardians wake up! O:

I'll keep the last silent realm a secret.

But all in all the last boss battle was dissappointing,it's Twilight Princess allllll over again!

The game is an absolute beauty,i felt that the graphics should've had a little more of a touch up,backgrounds look like a painting,everything about this game is amazing and it really forged the future for future zelda games.


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The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Mini Review
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