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 Jhen mohran stratigies and tips

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PostSubject: Jhen mohran stratigies and tips   December 7th 2011, 7:27 pm

1.always hit the gong RIGHT at the beginning of the quest. this will allow u to gather about 8 ballistas b4 jhen throws a rock at u.

nvr hurts to bring a few bombs. just a
good way to quickly break the jhens tusks and arms.

using anti-player moves. u should follow this rule in general but during
this quest DPS is pretty important(damage per second) and knocking
players off just decreases ur overall DPS. and trus me, nothing is more
annoying then a jhen being repelled. which is y DPS is so important.
just remember, whether u win or lose, its still gonna take u about 30
minutes to kill it. ur gonna want all the hits u can get.

4. This
is personally my fav thing to do. when a jhen is posted, make sure u r
the fourth player to join. by dong this, when u r knocked off the boat,
the rope that ur character grabs on to is the rope farthest right and
closest to jhen's tail which provides u with a slight chance of jhen
accidently picking u up. if this has nvr happened to u its just bassicly
something that hapens wen jhens tail moves underneath u while ur
climbing bak up ur rope and it picks u back up onto the tail.

5. while u
r on jhens back if he/she does the attack that launches rocks off its
back u will be launched into the air but more then likely land back on
its back. buuuut if u want to avoid this all u have to do is mine one of
the points on its back at the right time and u wont get launched with
everyon else.

After u have broken both of jhens spines there is still a small area of
it left over where u can do some major damage. its the spine hole
closest to the head. after it is broken there is a small area at the top
of the hole. i would really only advise the GS to do this becuz its
charge attack comes down in a straight line which is crucial to
actually hit the spot. all u have to do is: charge, then do the slap,
then charge again. this is an infinite combo with the GS and will keep u
from moving out of reach of the spot. it can also be done wit the switchaxe
and longsword, but its very ineffective wit the longsword

7. Don't carve the freaking mouth >.>
more than likely ur gonna get a fin(for some odd reason) and if im the
quest with u, im gonna hit u on purpose while im attackin the mouth.
mainly bcuz its the weakest point on the monster and a SA literally
rapes it lol. i also recomend saving ur anti dragon bombs for this
moment bcuz if u haven't yet broken both the tusks, u can place a dragon
bomb on the roof of his mouth(note that since he is upside down, the
roof of his mouth is what u walk on) near his tusk if u wanna break it.

during the final showdown the player who posses the binder should SPAM
it at all possible moments. yes jhen can be binded when its all the way
in the back and once the final showdown has begun, i recommend binding
hm as soon as he comes out of the barrier zone(that invisible wall that
players cant walk thru) doing this gives everyone a big window to
inflict alot of damage. but if jhen starts to get closer to the boat,
make sure u start to save the binder to stop his attacks. another thing
many players do is use the gong to early b4 they even knew if jhen is
gonna roar or stand n' slam. trust me, u dnt wanna gong his roar. big
waste. and gonging to early on his stand n' slam will result in u
missing the opportunity to knock him over and hit his mouth. just make
sure it actually STANDS b4 u hit the gong or it wont fall over.

no matter what anyone tells u, weapons allways do more damage then the
ship artillery. so whenver u have the chance, hit wit ur wep. unless u just have a crappy
weapon lol

not sure if this is really any better than just two ppl firing the
ballista, but if u feel like it, kicking a player who has just fired a
ballista will speed up his rate of fire. instead of waiting for the
reload all he does if just grab hold again and fire.

13. throwing
a sonic bomb at jhen will give it a heart attack and result in an
instant victory....nvr tried it but this hr 999 guy told me it worked
so it must be true.
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Jhen mohran stratigies and tips
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