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King of Monster Hunter Domain
King of Monster Hunter Domain

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PostSubject: Youuutuuuuubez!   November 21st 2011, 7:39 pm

Try it. i like it so far i mean its different from the regular,so i said ''Hey,why not try something new for a bit''.

You can switch back to the old one anytime.

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Retired staff member
Retired staff member

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PostSubject: Re: Youuutuuuuubez!   November 22nd 2011, 4:44 pm

YT's been changing alot recently in a way that I don't like. The playlist bar at the bottom got big a doofy for not apparent reason and it's difficult to keep a video page from being cluttered at full screen because of this...I didn't even know there was a alternate YT experience. And from the sound of it, it looks like it's a kind of beta testing thing. I'll check it out to see what it's about. Maybe I can complain about everything I don't like. But this makes me wonder why they didn't keep all the stupid changes in this cosmic panda thing. I want the old school YT back. From before it got bootleg.

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Linkbucks. has a better pay out, but linkbucks says it can be integrated into forums.... I wonder what forumsmotion thinks of them...
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