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 youtube playlist

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PostSubject: youtube playlist   October 7th 2011, 12:43 am

So I finally decided to create a playlist on youtube for music that I classify as "EarSex". The term ear sex has evolved many times. Long story short, originally it was what I called those in ear headphones that I hate so much cuz it feels so awkward, and now it's a category that belongs only to the best compositions that I can find. Sex isn't a bad thing, hence why ear sex evolved this way. The term is also meant to make you giggle because it's irresistible. If you didn't laugh in some way(preferably a lolwut? reaction) when you read past "EarSex"...well, you might just be a good prosecutor in the future. have fun wi- nvm

Anyway. Sometimes I run into beautiful music and I may or may not favorite them. Well, now if I run into any on YT, they goin in EarSex. These have to be amazing music that can't be played enough, it needs to take me to a paradise world, it needs to make me feel good. I need to be able to translate the authors emotions and feel them. I need a surge of power to come through my ears. I need to be moved unwillingly. That is EarSex.

Here is the link to the playlist:

I browse around music topics in forums to see what's around, but they never meet the requirements. Suggestions are welcome, though. I think I'm very picky about what can be EarSex. So the playlist isn't large yet.

I'm very sorry if you feel that I'm being inappropriate. let me know and I'll try to censor it somehow. The playlist keeps it's name though.

Another thing is this vocaloid thing that's been happening. If you ask me, those are pretty awesome. But alot of people suck. The idea is awesome, not the people's works. >.<

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youtube playlist
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