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 [solved]Guess the Pokemon!

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King of Monster Hunter Domain
King of Monster Hunter Domain

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PostSubject: [solved]Guess the Pokemon!   August 4th 2011, 6:49 pm

Since the other one didn't go so well with the ''Whos that Pokemon'' I,Holidaye! tried harder to bring more activity! so i thought! why don't i switch it up a bit,just to make it more easier so everyone can understand and have fun!

This time the rules are different,really different! I'll be showing everyone a close up of a random pokemon,everyone will have to guess that pokemon,everyone is free to put their guesses,the first person to post the right answer in this thread wins!

after i've announced the winner,you are still free to post in here and discuss some more! well heres the first pokemon of the day!

Have fun guys! :3

EDIT: You must get the name of the pokemon right! misspelling the name will cost you a win and you'll be left with a loss,make sure you have every letter of the name correct!




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PostSubject: Re: [solved]Guess the Pokemon!   August 7th 2011, 8:46 pm

pachirisu i win
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[solved]Guess the Pokemon!
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