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 Guest Restrictions

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King of Monster Hunter Domain
King of Monster Hunter Domain

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PostSubject: Guest Restrictions   July 3rd 2011, 10:00 am

As you all may know this is somewhat like a guild or brotherhood,so majority of the information shared here will not be visible to outsiders,I left a few forums visible for you visitors but,so you can only see a bit of what this site has to offer,our creations such as features and other made items that we made purposely for this site,is strictly hidden to visitors,you can however,browse through the site in any available forum to you and see how friendly everyone is,so you'll know that you'll mesh well,joining this site means,making new friends,to socializing with gamers around the world and just having a fantastic time,it'll make you want to come back and visit,anytime,so visitors,the name,monster hunter domain,doesn't mean that it's a one-way gaming forum,you can talk about other games,there isn't any limitations whatsoever and if there isn't a forum for your favorite thing you can request one and we'll make it to attract more attention,also,while your apart of the site,bringing fresh,new members to join as well,will make it just as sweet,with that,Welcome to Monster Hunter Domain.

I hope you enjoy your visit,I hope to see you soon!

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Guest Restrictions
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